If you don't believe the science...

maybe you see a business opportunity!

Imagine the possibilities:

  • New beachfront property blocks, then miles inland!
  • At today's shoreline:
    • Every lobby can be an aquarium!
    • First-floor windows convert to luxurious front doors with docks!
  • And those silly personal watercraft? Find your dream waterborne SUV at H2O Motors!
  • Please contact us for details. Change is coming sooner than you think!

Investment strategy: Short the shoreline, buy a few blocks in!

Every lobby an aquarium!

Lobby flooded? No worries! Use our window conversion kit with dock attachment!

Forget those puny watercraft!

Get yourself the equivalent of one of these bad boys!

Find your dream SUV of the sea at:

Contact us here!

Want an analyst's view of the opportunity? Watch this!

This work of irony (in case you missed it) by Jerry Michalski.